Sunday, June 23, 2019

Spread of the Dungeons: III of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy

It's finally here! The last and final book of The Dungeon Hive Trilogy is now live. 'Spread of the Dungeons: III of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy' is available on Amazon. The grammar has been fixed (if it's not, blame my editors), and the cover looks great. 
I wish to thank everyone for staying with me through the series and although I have no plans to do so right now, I did leave myself room to continue the series if I ever decide to go back to the world of the Dungeon Hive. Thanks everyone and please enjoy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Spread of the Dungeons

Wow, it has been some time since I updated the blog! Sorry about that but here I am now giving you loyal readers a badly needed updated on final book of 'The Dungeon Hive Trilogy".
It is done. I have finished the book and it is currently with the editors. I was hoping for a June release but add in the time needed for formatting and I shall probably miss it. No one's fault but my own. Personally, I find this book to be the hardest to write because it's the end and I got a specific ending in mind. I had the ending in my mind since I began writing 'Fantasy Begins' and I think it sort of affected my writing process.
Still, it is done and I am pretty happy with it. Sorry for the long wait between updates but once the editing and formatting are finished, I shall be announcing the release of the book here. Please look forward to it!   

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Small Thank You

Sometimes things have a life of it's own. That’s what happening with my ‘little’ side-project titled 'The Suit-Maker'. I started the story because I was looking to have a little fun and I did not expect much from it.
I mean the story is about a middle-age guy who is trying to be a designer of battlesuits. He’s basically a low grade Tony Stark and the story is almost totally about the designing puzzles he need to overcome. There’s literally no fighting (though I am thinking of changing that) and totally no romance. Yet somehow it started to gain fans. Right now it has over 100 followers on Royal Road Legends and I’ll be honest; I did not expect this.
I’m still not sure why the story is gaining fans but I’m not complaining. In fact I wish to thank everyone following the story on Royal Road Legends and Webnovels. Hope everyone is enjoying the ride and thanks for the support.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Like most people, I discovered Gwent when I played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A delightfully addictive card game, Gwent took a life of it’s own and many players, including me, put aside the main quest in The Witcher 3 to run around the map to collect the cards. Seeing the unexpected phenomenon, developer CD Projekt released an open beta version of Gwent as a free-to-play digital collectible card game in May 2017.

I didn’t know about the game till much later but once I knew of it, I joined the beta and did all the things you were supposed to do. Climb the leaderboard; get the cards; join a Facebook group; play the game and have fun. Then six months ago, CD Projekt announced a revamp of the game before the official release in Oct 2018. Like most players in the beta, I was less than pleased with the announcement but I understood the reasoning behind it.

The game was in beta and CD Projekt do have the right to make changes to the game before the release. Hell, nowadays there are companies who change their games even after the official release! So I was willing to give them a chance and after a few days of playing it daily, the results are in.

First off, forget about Gwent before the revamp. It is now a totally different game and some players have begun to call it (old) Gwent and (new) Gwent. They are not entirely wrong. Gwent is now a more tactical game which requires you to have more interaction during the round. (Old) Gwent was more strategic and you don’t really do a lot of interaction with your cards after putting them down on the board.

That is good and I like this new change. Having ways to interact with the cards on the board gives players options and that’s never a bad thing. Having a more tactical aspect to the game is good especially since the strategic component of the game wasn’t completely lost. The decks are more varied now (though this may change as time goes on) and there’s more ways to counter decks even when you’re faced with a bad matchup. Push hard when facing a Scoia'tael deck with Eithne to get a short Round 3? Kill everything on the board when facing a Foltest Specters deck? It is possible. I find the different factions in the game to be more balanced after the revamp.

Also with the lowering of power in the game, there’s less point slamming and decks are now more effect-based. I generally find this a welcome change. I also welcome the design of the new board. I had my doubts when I first saw it but after playing for a few days, it kind of grew on me. It gives more favour to the game and makes you feel like you are a general in charge of an army.

However the game is also much slower now. (Old) Gwent was very fast paced and full of card chains. The new game is not. In the old game, I could easily reached the second tier of the daily rewards but now it would take about two hours to reach it. I think a shorter timer could be the answer but no matter what, CD Projekt need to do something to make the game shorter.

I also find some of the rules on the cards to be kind of arbitrary. For example; why does Foltest’s Pride has reach 3 when it needs to be in the melee row for it’s order to work? That doesn’t make much sense right?

Still, I do enjoy the game and is still playing it. I won’t say Gwent is now a great game after the revamp but I don’t think it is worse after the change. It is I believed just slightly better. So the results of the revamp is…mixed!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Hi everyone,

It's been some time since I posted so sorry about that. Currently I am working on a couple of things. On the Dungeon Hive Trilogy, I just finished the first part of Book 3 and everything is going according to schedule. I intend to title it 'Hive's End' and take things slow on this book
In addition to that, I’m working on a side-project titled 'The Suit-Maker'. A book with the combination of Sci-fi, System, Cultivation, and a little bit of Magic all mixed together. I'm looking at it as a little fun experiment. I'm putting it up on Royal Road Legends and Webnovels. Please check it out.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Winner: France

It is over and the French are the winners of the 2018 World Cup. Arguably the greatest World Cup ever, definitely the best of the modern, France defeated Croatia 4-2 in the final and made manager Didier Deschamps only the third person to have won the trophy both as a player and a manager. However, were the French deserved winners?

Now I know there are some out there who would argue that Croatia had more of the ball yesterday but anyone who watched the game could see that the French were the more dangerous side. Between Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, they had two players in attack that could outpace any defender in the Croatian team and with N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba, they had a defensive block in midfield that made going down the center of the park almost impossible for Croatia. On many occasions yesterday, Croatian captain Luka Modric (who was the Golden Ball winner for being best player at the tournament) had to drop deep to pick up the ball. The Croatian tried hard but despite French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris’ best efforts to give them a lift, it just wasn’t enough and I thought France deserved to win the game yesterday.

Some people would argue that they weren’t the best team in the World Cup and I won’t argue with that. For me, Belgium was the best and most exciting team in Russia but the French had a good defense, a strong midfield, and a deadly attack. So were the French deserved winners? In a word, Yes!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dungeon Flames: #2 of The Dungeon Hive Trilogy

It's here! Took a little longer than I hope but at least I got it out before the start of the World Cup.
Dungeon Flames: #2 of The Dungeon Hive Trilogy is now available on Amazon. Please follow the link at the top and check it out!

Spread of the Dungeons: III of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy

It's finally here! The last and final book of The Dungeon Hive Trilogy is now live. 'Spread of the Dungeons: III of the Dungeo...